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Child Support: Calculations, Enforcements & Modifications

Child support is an integral part of any custody suit, both for the party paying and the party receiving support. To assist the court and family law practitioners in determining the appropriate amount of child support that should be ordered in any given suit, the Texas legislature has created a statutory formula that serves as a guideline in calculating support.

Notably, the components of the formula vary depending on the number of children involved in the pending litigation, if there are other children for whom the payor has a duty to support who are not involved in the pending litigation, and the net resources of the payor as defined by the Texas Family Code. Absent special circumstances, the net resources of a payor are capped at $7,500 per month in determining the appropriate amount of child support to be paid on behalf of a child. Generally, the party that is ordered to pay child support for the benefit of a child is also ordered to procure and maintain health insurance for the child as well, or to reimburse the other party for the actual cost of the health insurance premium for the child.

Once a child support order is entered, a party may only alter the amount of the support obligation by procuring another order from the court modifying the original order. A modification of a support obligation may be maintained upon a showing that the circumstances of a party or a child subject of the suit, have materially and substantially changed since the rendition of the last order or that three years have elapsed since the date of the last order and the support obligation would vary by 20% or $100. 

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C. are well versed in the laws relating to child support calculations, enforcements, and modifications. Although the legislature has provided statutory guidelines in determining child support obligations, which by statute are presumed to be in the best interest of the child, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C. are willing to and have successfully challenged the guidelines when appropriate. Depending on a child’s needs, a parent’s resources, or a multitude of other factors it may be necessary to request a variance from the statutory guidelines. Our office is committed to ensuring that our client’s particular circumstances are taken into account in determining issues of support, whether the client is paying or receiving child support. 

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