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Child Custody and Visitation

Perhaps one of our most meaningful roles as family law attorneys is to assist our clients in navigating through the divorce process when children are involved. Here at the Law Offices of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C. our attorneys and staff are committed to educating each of our clients at the onset of his or her case regarding the options available to the client in relation to his or her children.

We recognize that each family dynamic is different, each child is unique, and that the divorce process will impact both parents and children in many ways. With that in mind, we focus on truly listening to the needs of our clients and their children and tailor our representation to fit those needs.

In Texas, the judiciary uses a ‘best interest’ standard to determine issues of conservatorship, possession and access, and support of a child. This standard is composed of several factors including but not limited to the desires of the child, the emotional and physical needs of the child now and as the child matures, and the parenting abilities of the individual seeking custody. Although the courts will rarely reject an agreement made between parties regarding what they believe to be in the best interests of their child, the court does retain veto power over an agreement between parties if the agreement does not appear to serve a child’s best interest.

Further, there are several statutes that guide the court in determining what is presumed to be in the best interest of a child. For instance, a standard possession order, which outlines periods of possession and access for the parent with whom a child does not primarily reside, is presumed to be in the best interest of a child. This presumption can be rebutted on a case by case basis depending on the particular circumstances and needs of the child and parties at issue.

Texas law also provides that issues of conservatorship, determinations regarding the primary residence of a child, and the necessity of a geographical restriction on the residence of a child may be determined by a jury rather than the judge at the request of a litigant. Mr. Hoffman has substantial experience in trying and winning bench trials (where a judge presides) and jury trials on these very issues over the past 24 years. Mr. Hoffman is also a skilled and respected negotiator who has successfully resolved hundreds of cases without the need for final trial.

Our attorneys and staff members are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to ensure you receive the best possible representation during this difficult time in your life and to increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable outcome for your children.

Whether you are seeking custody of your child in your divorce action or simply a possession and access schedule that affords you more time with your child than the traditional standard possession order, we are here to serve you. Our role as your advocate is to educate and advise you based on our knowledge of the law and expertise in this field and to represent you to the fullest of our capabilities to protect to preserve your rights in relation to your children.

We are mindful that the decisions made during the divorce process regarding your children will impact them for the rest of their lives. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to assist you in making the best decision for you and your children, both now and in the future. We encourage you to contact The Law Offices of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C. to learn more about how we can serve you.

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